War Poetry

Iranian poet Nooshin Azadi’s work is simply elegant. You can find more of her poetry and her beautiful photography here.  An interview about her book written with Francis Scudellari is worthwhile reading too.

write me
a poem
in which
all birds
are prisoners
of love
and the only bloody war
is between
my fingers
and the thorns
of the rose
i’m offering
to my beloved

Nooshin Azadi

5 thoughts on “War Poetry

  1. Thanks Kati and Beth. She is a lovely person. I have loved reading the poems on her site, and they are often paired with photographs she took. And I have so much respect for someone who publishes poetry in a second language. I have enough trouble with the nuances of my own language! Kati, you speak several languages. Have you ever tried poetry in Hungarian or French?

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