My Drabble (a hundred word or less story) was published today. Apropos, since I’m waiting for a flight to Paris. Coincidence?? You decide.

Eiffel Tower Sunset

By Sarah Russell

Someone from the Class of ’61 died today. No one close by, just someone I sent Christmas cards to and read posts by on Facebook about cats and grandchildren. And suddenly I longed to kiss someone.


I wanted to make love that leaves bruises, jump in a lake at the top of the world so cold I gasp, ride the Roue de Paris, get drunk on Bastille Day and watch fireworks over the Seine and sing La Marseilles with strangers.

Instead I sent a sympathy card to her kids that said sorry for your loss.

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12 thoughts on “Keenings

  1. This is excellent. It tore right at my heart. The bigness and the smallness of life. It is a good thing that even more readers will get to experience your words on Drabble. Have a wonderful trip.


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