god On The Morning Local

I want to share Rajani Radhakrishnan’s gentle poem about life and god and
how. . . well, how one thing leads to another.


I saw him on the local train during rush hour,
a newspaper cone of peanuts in his hand,
smiling at me through a web of weary limbs
and disenchanted heads,
a lesser god with a stubble and sad eyes.

Is this chance, I asked him, or fate,
or is there no difference?
he shrugged like a basement programmer
who had written a game with a million possibilities,
one thing leads to another, he said,
didn’t you want to see me?
how can I win or at least not lose,
I was begging,
five peanuts later he asked,
who decides if it is victory
or defeat?

Through the window I saw life
like a flip book,
one snapshot after the other,
each alive for a cry and a
half turn of the wheel,
each moment, each frame,
dying and born as the next,
meaning nothing by itself,
leading nowhere by itself,

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7 thoughts on “god On The Morning Local

    1. Thanks. I think we need a reminder of the normalcy of everyday events, especially when recent events in the news have been so abhorrent. And how even in those events, one thing leads inevitably to another — hopefully in the right direction. I fear it may take some time before the U.S. reaches equilibrium again, but we can all meet god on the morning local.

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