Last night
clouds turned cantaloupe electric,
backlit in neon.
That must be where God lives, I thought,
though I don’t much believe in God.

Sunsets are reason enough to imagine
that heaven’s in the sky —
a transcendent finale,
coda of the day.

As years count down, I think
about sunsets, seasons —
leaves falling,
branches bare.

       Perhaps I should believe.

The closest I get is sunset —
enough ecstasy,
enough God.

Sarah Russell
For Poets United
Photo source

24 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. YES! This is how I felt, the sunset I described in my poem – that this must be what heaven looks like. Your photo is SPECTACULAR. I stalk the sunset which is elusive at this stage of my life, when I dont have the eyesight to drive to where I can see it and have to wait for someone to take me which rarely happens. I so want to take more photos like yours.


    1. Thanks. Sherry. When I read your poem I saw the similarities. Alas, the photo isn’t mine, though it does look like the sunset that inspired the poem. It is from a “free use” site called Pexel.


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