The haibun prompt at dVerse today is to tell why we write the poems we write — our subject matter or style.  Here’s my take:

I find my poetry in the seams of life — frontiers; transitions; where doors close or open; where meadow meets woods; where summer meets autumn; where love turns to hate, or worse, to apathy; where middle years meet old age.

fields become stubble
the moon rises silent, gold
the mouse is not safe

– Sarah Russell

Note:  The photo was taken last fall, mid-afternoon, in Lederer Park in the center of State College, PA — the place where I walk with my dog every day.  We were on a path across a grassy picnic area leading into an arboretum, traffic not a hundred yards away.

32 thoughts on “Seams

  1. It seems like those seams are where actions happen. I suppose hate could turn to love there as well. I liked the last line of the haiku about the safety of the mouse, a very specific “seam of life”.


    1. Thanks, Bev. I thought the photo could illustrate better than anything the sometimes astounding things that take place “at the seams” — in this case where grassy urban lawn met a small woods.


    1. Thanks a lot, Walter. I started thinking that way when I was driving on a country road in early March a few years ago and saw a cow that had just given birth trying to protect her calf from a coyote lurking just at the edge of the pasture where it met the woods. Another cow had come to help, and they made a formidable barrier for the poor little guy who was trying to get to his feet. I decided then that the best stuff happened at the margins.


    1. Thanks, Annell. Yes, the “in between” — a great way to put it. I’m finding all kinds of new ways to look at that phenomenon. I was going to put “borders” in the haibun, but I think it has too much of a political connotation and would be taken too literally right now. One of those loaded words.


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