My mind chases after it,
but the dream disappears —
a vortex of splinters and dust,
wild strawberries, forget me nots,
a field of lavender we passed,
raindrops, or was it tears,
on a window, echoes of words
I wouldn’t say, and you.
Always you.

– Sarah Russell
for dVerse’s quadrille prompt “Dreams
Photo:  The Weather Channel


57 thoughts on “Waking

  1. Sometimes dreams are like that, right? Splinters .. and I try to remember .. pieces come to mind throughout the day …yes! And for me, there is always the love of my life next to me. I love this post!

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  2. Ah. Out of the jumbled jigsaw pieces of a half-remembered dream comes the one constant thing. Yeah.

    Thank you for your kind comment at my Word Garden, Sarah.

    –coal (Fireblossom)


  3. Never thought of a disappearing dream as a vortex in space and time, leaving behind splinters of memory, but it’s so true. I think a deja vu would be a splinter coming back. The last line leaves me wondering. Nicely written, Sarah. ❤


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