Bliss: A List Poem

toddlers giggling
dogs wagging
forest paths
a friend
the last payment
rainy days
old photographs
a sky full of stars
touching someone you love
daisies in a mason jar
cotton candy at the fair
helping someone you don’t know
fields of lavender

– Sarah Russell
for dVerse’s Quadrille prompt “bliss”
photo source

71 thoughts on “Bliss: A List Poem

  1. I love your bliss list! I am going to magnet a piece of paper on the fridge to every day write something that brings/brought me bliss. thank you. And I can totally relate to them all on your list – except for the toddlers. I have no contact with children and probably never will. But the thoughts of anyone giggling just to giggle is bliss!

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      1. Yum! A southern staple. Roy and I are eating fresh peaches and sweet corn nearly every night here in PA. There’s a farmer’s market somewhere in the State College area every day of the week, I think.


      2. Wonderful! Peaches and sweet corn are wonderful things. I froze about 5 doz. ears of cut off corn to use for soups, corn pudding (both savory and sweet) and of course, nuked with lots of butter.

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      1. No kidding!

        My husband likes to have the kids share their “highs” of the day at dinner (they really hate it). So I’ve taken to making happy lists, writing down those little bliss moments during the day that might get overlooked if I didn’t make that effort to document them. Then I can show the kids at night how many moments of joy we really have; we just aren’t good about giving them their due credit. We really have to be better about that. Otherwise we might believe that we aren’t happy or that our relationships aren’t good. It just isn’t true; our perspectives get skewed because we look too long and hard at the wrong things. The negatives.


  2. “daisies in a mason jar” I don’t have a context, but this line stood out in your list. It works akin to something I’ve learned in fiction writing… the small insignificant, yet odd detail. The one that makes the scene… or the character… real. Additionally, this reminds me of the song, The Waters of March. For what it’s worth….

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    1. OK, going out to you tube The Waters of March. Thanks for commenting on the mason jar. When we had a cabin, one of the grandkids picked some daisies and all I had was a mason jar to put them in. Now they don’t look right in anything else.


  3. Soooo late to the reading! Apologies….grandkids with us always takes precedence.
    I do adore list poems…and this seems ripe for it! Ah that we should all be reminded of our moments of bliss, many of them recurring! 🙂


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