The seat solid under me,
I push off, lean back, hands tight
around the chains, sail forward,
find the rhythm. Legs pump
until the border of the schoolyard
and the sky’s a blur, until my stomach
gives a little flip, hairs on my arms
tingle, and the humid summer air
becomes a breeze.

– Sarah Russell
for dVerse’s prompt “border
Photo source

30 thoughts on “High

  1. I love the way the title is also a greeting, Sarah! Swing poems always make me run over to the playground, which is only across the road. Luckily, no children use it after bedtime… 🙂
    I love the lines:
    ‘until the border of the schoolyard
    and the sky’s a blur’.

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      1. Had to chuckle and look up roundabouts, which I thought only applied to traffic! Yes, those are gone too. The monkey bars are still there though. And now little girls can wear jeans so their underpants don’t show!

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  2. Love it! That childhood thrill of going higher and higher until the blurring of us as a ground-living human blurs with us as a bird soaring. I used to love to go very high and then at the peak, let go and jump off….now that was soaring! 🙂 (Used to scare my mother though!)

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