May 22:  dVerse asks for quadrilles using the word “Sound.”  Come join the fun.

On this last desperate voyage,
in a wreck of splintered masts
and shredded sails, we founder,
sink, don’t realize we’ve drowned
until we’re beyond soundings,
at fathoms so deep no lead
and line can find us, the currents
pulling our remains toward
different shores.

– Sarah Russell
painting by Shockbolt on deviantART

9 thoughts on “M’aidez

  1. The feeling, the sounds of drowning. Considering that I am not a swimmer and afraid of the water in that way, this one struck too close to home. Powerful…and sounds I hope to never imagine.

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  2. This is so scary! My greatest fear has always been drowning. But I love the internal rhyming and your different use of the word “sound” in this. Haunting and beautiful.


    1. I’m new to dVerse and didn’t know that. Hurrah! At least I’ll be able to read everyone’s. I’m on vacation in Paris (!) so my reading time is limited. But my feet needed a rest, so that’s the day I did the quadrille. Thanks, Victoria.

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