My Sporting Life

A haibun for dVerse on the subject of sports.  Come play along!

I’ve always said that bridge and natural childbirth are my sports, which gives you an idea about the exertion involved in the first and the frequency quotient of the second. It took me two years to learn to ride a 2-wheel bike, and there was much celebration when I broke 100 in bowling. But bidding and winning a slam and three babies sans anesthetics should qualify me for some kind of trophy, don’t you think?

chickens are dumpy
and never soar as eagles
but omelets taste good.

– Sarah Russell
Photo courtesy of

38 thoughts on “My Sporting Life

  1. Bidding and making a grand slam and breaking 100 in bowling are sporty enough for me … in fact I totally identify, although I usually broke 130 in bowling. You conjured fond memories!

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  2. Cleaning up after reading your Haibun! You should post an advisory about reading this while sipping soda. I’m not certain a medal is what is called for when you birth without pain killers; but I’m certain that I wouldn’t mess with you. 🙂 Still laughing. Thank you!

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  3. Your haibun is a hoot! That picture of the chicken made me laugh right out loud!! 100 in bowling…right on! My highest was 166. My mom used to work in a bowling alley so I had lots of practice.

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