Poetry and Money

For dVerse, March 11, 2017 — a List Poem.  Come join the fun!

Poetry and Money

From English poet Robert Graves –
“. . . there’s no money in poetry,
but there’s no poetry in money
either . . .”

which explains
the Kardashians
Dow Jones averages
pyramid schemes
loveless marriages
in gated communities

street musicians
old dogs
boy soldiers
workrough hands
not taking her fair share
in the divorce

-Sarah Russell


36 thoughts on “Poetry and Money

  1. It is a funny comparison you elaborate on, nicely done, so. What you do, is to make the statement poetry needs to be positive. And that is necessary, and a fine thing to do. You state the need for poetry, in that sense. So I love it. The form of the poem is clear, though it has no form, and I love that too.


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