a child skips toward tomorrow.
An elder settles into yesterday.
Mid-life careens through moments,
not even aware of its breath.

Somewhere a dove mourns
for a scatter of feathers
in the grass.

– Sarah Russell
Painting by Fay Collins
for dVerse Ekphrastic challenge

20 thoughts on “Today

  1. This works so well. That first stanza holds such truth, and then you open it out and remind us that while we live our lives, there’s a whole world out there of emotions that we aren’t even aware of. Sometimes these small shards of poems trigger so many thoughts and feelings.


    1. Thanks so much, Sarah. I must admit, I wrote the poem awhile ago, and the ending wrote itself. I wondered why it was there, but when I saw the painting it suddenly fell into place. So thank you for the ekphrastic prompt!


  2. Reminds me of the precious gift of time, and how it can be different at different stages of our lives ~ The dove mourning describes the photo very well ~


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