Covered Bridges

Driving in the rain, I see a sign.
Tourist Information:
Covered Bridges Maps and Tours.

swirls of starlings –
patterns in the wind,
murmurs of the wind,
of the starlings,
of the heart.

I almost stop for a brochure.
No. The real thing
can’t equal the memory,
even in the rain.

– Sarah Russell
Photo by Robert Thompson
For Poetry Pantry, Poets United

33 thoughts on “Covered Bridges

  1. I like the murmur/murmuration reference to starlings – so appealing the thought of covered bridges in the rain – One of my favourites of your poems


  2. I think I read Bridges of Madison County first, then driving around New England stopped to take pictures of every single covered bridge I saw. A completely unsubstantiated love affair !! Like your poem, says so much without saying anything.


  3. How powerful the memory is, recalling far more than a photo on a brochure for something extra is imprinted inside you. This is certainly the case with me where childood memories are vivid yet the real thing pales now in comparison.


    1. Thanks, Sanaa. When I lived in France, I bought a book of drawings — cartoons really — of the different monuments, parks, etc. When I got home it was my favorite souvenir since I could recall my memories of the places without a photo of how it was “supposed” to look.


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