After 25 Years

he still brings me coffee when I’m writing
like it’s important to him because it is to me.

He still gropes me on elevators,
in corners at parties, tells me I smell good.

He still thanks me for making dinner,
folding clothes, buying ice cream.

He still makes me giggle, makes me blush,
makes love to me as if we were 19.

And it still feels uncomplicated and new —
growing old with this man.

– Sarah Russell
For Real Toads10 lines about uncomplicated things
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42 thoughts on “After 25 Years

    1. My mate and I talked about this poem, and how it would be easy to find and expose all of the annoyances if we wanted to. We just don’t want to, so we let them go. I guess that’s the difference that has made this such a great journey.

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  1. Love is the most wonderful thing and I still love my man after 47 years of knowing him. I can honestly state we have argued less than 20 times since we met.
    I am glad you have found this love too.
    Anna :o]

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  2. This is just a lovely piece – a wonderful articulation of “little things” that lift ones heart and stoke the embers that keep the passion fires a-burnin’. So tendering rendered – there is not a wisp of a doubt: this writing came from the heart.

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    1. Thanks, Wendy. I think one of the keys is that we say thank you a lot. I call it the operational definition of I love you, which has really become a throw away line — at the end of conversations on the phone, at bedtime, etc. Thank you means you’ve noticed something special and acknowledge it. So important.


  3. I like this so very much! such a wonderful love expressed – given and taken. My husband and I were “late bloomers” meaning, neither of us got married until middle age – he was 39 and I was 49. Your poem read the way mine would read if I were talking about our love. Truly a wonderful poem. may you have 125 more years together.

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      1. My mother told me, marry a younger man. Men give out sooner than women…..LOL. I always followed her advice. At one point while I was single, I had a torrid affair with a guy 20 years younger – talk about empty, meaningless, and fun!


      2. You go, Girl! My first marriage — well, actually my second marriage (college, short lived first one) was to a man 10 years older than I. Whole different experience. I know that Roy keeps me younger — much younger — than I’d be if I had stayed. Can’t even begin to think about that! (I actually shuddered when I wrote it.)


    1. Thanks, Bev. I hesitated in posting it, because I didn’t want it to sound like gloating. But it truly is an uncomplicated part of my life in a more than complicated world, and the first thing I thought of for the prompt. I think sometimes we complicate love with expectations. No expectations. We just enjoy each other.


  4. Ah, the beauty and comfort of an uncomplicated relationship! Congratulations on reaching 25 years – we have ours next January. My first marriage only lasted four years and was over-complicated. Although David and I knew each other as children, we were in our thirties when we met again.

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