Snow Overnight

I set out at first light into a seamless landscape. The earth is silent, save for my rhythmic plod of boots and the cloud of breath against my muffler. I forge a fresh path on an old trail.

I think of my daughter, newly separated, her search for landmarks in a world suddenly opaque, and I know even love as fierce as mine can’t keep her warm.

cardinal huddling
on the old pine’s snowy branch
earth’s muted longing


Sarah Russell
for d’Verse
photo source


32 thoughts on “Snow Overnight

  1. Your walk made me shiver, Sarah! It’s very windy and chilly here but we have no snow, only rain, drip-dripping all day. I love the sound effect of ‘The earth is silent, save for my rhythmic plod of boots’ and the imagery of the haiku, with the brightly-coloured cardinal against the old pine’s snowy branch.


  2. Your words are beautiful in their understanding, My thoughts are with your daughter. May she gain strength from your love. Hugs to you both.


  3. I think your daughter is very fortunate to have such a caring and empathetic mother. The analogy is so powerful here. It made me think of my own divorce, the blank slate and how we have to set out, making new footprints in the snow.


  4. Such a lot in this short piece. The parallels are striking – mother and daughter both in a blank featureless land, one striding out, one lost (for now); the bird/daughter huddling – the cold and the muted longing. Terrific.


  5. We never outgrow our mother’s love but sometimes we must make fresh footprints in a cold world…beautiful imagery and deep emotion expressed!


  6. I enjoyed this blog entry a lot. It reminds me of the cardinals I saw perching on snowy branches on the extensive Cloisters grounds on Manhattan Island a few years ago during a March visit to NYC. During the same visit, I also saw a group of Catholic Cardinals leaving a downtown Cathedral. They walked two-by-two down a snowy street in their red robes.


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