National Poetry Month

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I’ll share my favorite poems — the ones I return to and always find something new.  I hope you enjoy them too.

The first is by my friend Steve Deutsch who writes a satirical political blog that’s worth a look.  This poem originally appeared in Weatherings, an anthology produced by Future Cycle Press on homelessness, aging, and our planet.


You left behind.
one half a jelly donut,
stale as last Wednesday;
some clothing, moth-eaten,
mildewed; two shoes,
one black, one brown,
with newsprint for the soles.
You left behind a paper sack
of winter warmth, and poetry
by Whitman, Poe and Crane,
well-fingered and browned in age.

You walked into the river
and left behind four dollars
and eighteen cents, which I
have spent on coffee
and a banana nut muffin,
that crumbled in its freshness.

Your poetry; penned
in your perfect prep school hand,
was stuffed inside two newish socks
atop the brown and laceless shoe.
It is unnervingly good,
but I can use the socks.
I crumpled your words in their freshness,
and set them to sail upon the river,
page by remarkable page.

Steve Deutsch

9 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

  1. Just wanted to say that this was a lovely idea you’re doing. I have appreciated the exposure to new poets and sites to explore. It’s interesting to see some shared tone at times between the poems you appreciate and what you write yourself. (I’ve come all the way back here to the first poetry month post to write this as it seemed the beginning was most appropriate.) I look forward to the new reads each day.

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    1. Thanks so much. You know you toss these posts out into the cyber ethers, and you never know if they strike a chord with someone. Yes, all the poems I’ve posted have influenced me — old poems and new ones. They say you have to read 100 poems for every one you write, and I think I do that — 20 or 30 a day usually. Always new sites and new poets to get to know. I love it!

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      1. It’s fantastic! I appreciate what you share to help me with getting to know what and who is out there. Hopefully to fall in love with more and more. Poetry was always one of those things I loved in secret.


  2. Time to come out and shout your love from the rooftops! In times like these, for me at least, the emotional impact of poetry is brought into high relief. I guess my psyche has been roughed up, and everything stings or soothes more intensely.


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