I lost summer somewhere

Sorry.  Gotta take a “me” moment in this month of celebrating mostly other people’s poetry.  Poetry Breakfast is one of my favorite online journals, and they honored me by publishing one of my poems this morning.  You can read it on their site along with other fine poems (and follow their site to get a poem for breakfast every morning) or read it here.

I lost summer somewhere
in the wildflowers, woke
to trees blushing at my disregard,
wind hurrying the clouds along.
I should have seen the signs.
I watched geese abandon their twigged
April nests, pin-feathered goslings
ripple ponds listless with July. Now they rise
gray against the gray sky, skeining south
before first snows.

I’ll stay here, I tell them. I’ll air out
cedared cardigans, chop carrots
for the soup tonight, cross
the threshold of the equinox,
try not to stumble.

Sarah Russell
First published in Poetry Breakfast


29 thoughts on “I lost summer somewhere

    1. Thanks, Al. I’m working toward a chapbook, but when I try to write on the theme, I freeze and sound stupid. So I’m just going to let stuff bubble up and maybe someday it will all fit together. And yes, Poetry Breakfast is one of my favorites too. It took me forever to get up the courage to submit to them, and they took TWO poems. The other one will be up later this month. YAY!

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      1. Blessings on that chapbook! I’m sure it will be amazing. I know what you mean about submitting things. I never have the courage! ;]

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  1. Congratulations Sarah. I am a fan of Poetry Breakfast as well and have been lucky enough to have two poems shared on their site. Your poem summarizes the feeling of the season change and making soup is a part of Fall that I always enjoy.


    1. I am making our last batch for the year tomorrow. Turned cold here this weekend, so we can have it another time or 2. It’s like changing wardrobes for me. Out with the stews and soups. In with the salads. I love the 4 seasons, even in cooking.

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    1. Hi Brenna. I’m so flattered that you nominated me for the Versitile Blogger award, but I don’t do the award circuit on WordPress. I have it on my About page, but I guess I should make that idiosyncrasy more “front and center.” I would rather just put my stuff out there, and hope someone will like it. I’m kind of a loner that way. I hope you’re not offended. And thank you so much for your lovely thoughts about my poetry! Much appreciated.


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