Black-eyed Susans gossip in the gullies
between the road and corn
past harvest,
clouds in feather boas waltz
through pale silk skies, and cows head home
for milking, while
the hawk holds vigil on a fence post.

– Sarah Russell

 First published in The Houseboat
 Republished in Your Daily Poem
 Submitted for Poets United Poetry Pantry
Photo source

51 thoughts on “September

    1. Yes, it is very different from your world, Rajani. I love your descriptions of India too. The world has become so small when we can converse with such ease. I was emailing back and forth with you the other day and told my husband what a miracle I thought it was to find friends half a world away.


    1. Wow! Preferred to red wheelbarrow? High praise indeed, Bjorn. (And someday I’ll look up how to make an umlaut so I spell your name right!). I used to teach “Red Wheelbarrow” in high school. It always landed with kind of a thud. My favorite response was a gum-chewing kid in the back row who said, “So you’re saying that any words can be a poem, right?”


  1. There is something sad about black eyed susan and begonias also,I’m not sure why. I like the cows heading home for milking at the end of the day. I used to live near a dairy farm so it is real for me. Lovely poem.


  2. I LOVE he gossiping in the gullies. I think black-eyed susans could be bar stools for butterflies.

    The link you left on my blog took me to a Chinese pill site! I think it happened before too.


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