My First Collection is published!

I’m thrilled to announce that my first collection I lost summer somewhere has just been published and is available at Amazon and through Kelsay Books.


Here are some of the great things my fellow poets have said about it.

“Melancholy, exuberance, nostalgia, fulfillment, contentment, longing – Sarah Russell hits all the spots, and there isn’t one poem where a woman won’t be able to identify in some way. She’s singing all our songs, putting into magical words things we felt so often but never knew how to tell. Deep sadness matched by laughter, gentleness, love and a sense of adventure. It was a privilege being there with her, living what she remembers, identifying with every line.”

Rose Mary Boehm, author of Tangents, From the Ruhr to Somewhere Near Dresden, and Peru Blues


“Sarah Russell brings us into her world, a world of “dream-filled summer nights,” where “leaves are October butterflies.” Russell’s poems sing the important moments of life. It’s a song that stays in your mind, drawing you back to the poems again and again.”

Nina Bennett, author of Mix Tape and The House of Yearning


“Sarah Russell’s poems don’t have to crawl under your skin – they’ve always been there. If you haven’t known a suicide, or gone through divorce or cancer, you’ve known the fear. If you’ve never had a love you’d marry twice if you had three lives, you’ve felt the longing. Russell may have lost summer somewhere, but she has found what makes us human.”

Alarie Tennille, author of Waking on the Moon and Running Counterclockwise

30 thoughts on “My First Collection is published!

  1. WooHoo!! I can’t wait for my copy. Well done, Sarah. I love so many of the poems individually, I’m looking forward to reading them as a collection. Great stuff 🙂


    1. Thanks, Dave. No launch party this spring. I’m leaving Saturday for the summer in Colorado. Steve Deutsch is getting a book published by Kelsay too, and we thought we might give a launch reading together this fall. I’ll let everyone know when we set a date.


  2. Many congratulations! I’ve been gone from WordPress for a while and apologize for not keeping up! I look forward to reading after reading your beautiful words for so long. Hope you’re well!


  3. Hi, Sarah! Re: If I Had Three Lives- I know you said it’s tempting to see the road not taken. I’m buying your book because it inspired me to let go and take that road to know who I am and to be genuinely happy. Hopefully I can still win back what I’m leaving.


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