First blog post

I used to have a website…


I used to have a website where I collected all of my published poems in a kind of portfolio.  But there are great poems and poets out there I’d like to share,

and people I want to interact with,

and prompts

and ideas about writing that might be helpful to other writers and poets.

So I decided blogging would be the way to go.  I’ve populated my pages just a little so you’ll have something to see when you visit, and I promise to put up a few new prompts as a P.S. in my post every Sunday so if you hit a dry spell, click the link.  Maybe you will find some inspiration.  I’ll also publish poems that made me laugh or cry, and maybe they’ll move you too and introduce you to new voices.

Take a look around, click the “follow” button if you’d like to get my updates (and those ever-useful prompts) and leave me a note so I can meet you too.  Thanks for visiting!


25 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Wonderful to see you on WordPress, Sarah. I’ve been following your poetry for quite awhile now and I’m a huge fan. I’m so happy that you’ve come across to this platform, it’ll make it much easier for me to follow your poetry and other writing. Enjoy!

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  2. I apologize, I couldn’t see where to leave my comment in the prose section. Just wanted to say that letter was powerful, I felt it drop. I don’t fit into the poems/prose stories first person, but for some reason I can feel their resonance. I can’t wait to read more of your work.


    1. Thanks so much. I didn’t think the piece was funny when I wrote it, but everyone who reads it comments on the “black humor,” and it got picked from one anthology for another one on funny flash fiction. Go figure!

      I’ll go to the page and make sure there is a comments area for Prose from now on. Just getting this blog up and running, so there may be some gaps.

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