If I Had Three Lives

After “Melbourne” by the Whitlams

If I had three lives, I’d marry you in two.
The other? Perhaps that life over there
at Starbucks, sitting alone, writing – a memoir,
maybe a novel or this poem. No kids, probably,
a small apartment with a view of the river,
and books – lots of books, and time to read.
Friends to laugh with, and a man sometimes,
for a weekend, to remember what skin feels like
when it’s alive. I’d be thinner in that life, vegan,
practice yoga. I’d go to art films, farmers markets,
drink martinis in swingy skirts and big jewelry.
I’d vacation on the Maine coast and wear a flannel shirt
weekend guy left behind, loving the smell of sweat
and aftershave more than I did him. I’d walk the beach
at sunrise, find perfect shell spirals and study pockmarks
water makes in sand. And I’d wonder sometimes
if I’d ever find you.

Sarah Russell
First published in Silver Birch
Winner of the Poetry Nook contest

Republished in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily



53 thoughts on “If I Had Three Lives

    1. Thanks, Ali. I loved that line too when I heard it in the song “Melbourne” by the Whitlams. But the line read “If I had three lives I’d marry her in two.” I wrote the poem for my husband, and I liked the pronoun change that made the line universal. You can find the song on YouTube. And thanks so much for mentioning my poems on your blog. Much appreciated!

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  1. Life is filled with what ifs…..and the possibilities of that other life is endless ~ Love your share and nice meeting you at D’verse ~


    1. If I had three comments,
      One would laugh at the self dream of
      One would smile at the one you are
      and the last would compliment all the fun phrasing.
      Ooops, I guess that is four, because of my own above.


  2. I love this sooo much!!❤️ The emotions, the tone, the mood of this poem reaches out and tugs at the heartstrings.. and makes one wonder.. what if we had this chance.. would we do it all over again?.. Most gorgeous write!❤️


  3. Sarah, this is beautiful, but I have come to it via this week’s quadrille post over at dVerse, and it’s not a quadrille. Perhaps you meant to post on Open Link Night from last Thursday? I will remove from the quadrille post. Please feel free to reshare over at Open Link Night. 🙂


  4. Oh I loved the line: “wear a flannel shirt
    weekend guy left behind, loving the smell of sweat
    and aftershave more than I did him.” That is a great line! and it is good to read the back story to this.

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  5. Oh this is beautiful… I keep saying that there’s a part of me living a parallel life on a beach somewhere being everything I’m not right now…you found all the words for it!

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  6. Someone posted this on Twitter yesterday, that’s how I found you and this beautiful poem. As of now, almost 20,000 likes. I hope that turns into more people enjoying your writing like I have.


  7. This is a wonderful poem. I am living that third life, happy, enjoying myself, but there is that wistful part of me wondering if I will ever find “her”.


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