At the beauty salon

I close my eyes as a young woman
massages in shampoo, gently rubs
my temples, smooths cream rinse —
scented with jasmine — from my brow,
and you are here with me again
that summer day under the waterfall.

– Sarah Russell
First published in Shot Glass Journal
Photo courtesy of
For the “suggested narrative” prompt at
Real Toads
Also for Poets United’s Poetry Pantry

59 thoughts on “At the beauty salon

  1. I love where you broke the first line, “I close my eyes as a young woman”. The punctuation be damned; this is the gist of this poem — “…as a young woman.” You’ve set us up — to metaphor it, “Here’s the wind-up, and there’s the pitch.” Masterfully done.

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      1. My point is that the way that sentence broke leads us to a memory…. I won’t say “foreshadowing” more like “fore-shading,” and anticipatory device.


      2. Hmmm, read those lines again, and I really see what you meant about the fore-shading in the first line. Thanks. I don’t know when I do stuff like that. Of course, if I planned it, it would sound lame, wouldn’t it.

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  2. OH, how I love this poem. It is one of those short poems which has so much to say. Indeed one’s mind wanders as one is visiting the beautician. I like where your mind traveled…bringing to mind a special person & a special time!

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  3. Ah, the magical powers of ‘scent’. It truly can carry you back in time. A lovely, wonderfully rendered poem. Splendid it was ‘gifted with wings’ (as I have come to think of publication) by Shot Glass Journal.


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