We found a stream that night
away from everywhere but us –
water voices whispering,
the honey of first times,
wind feathery on urgent skin.

Perhaps a folly, our rush
into together and tomorrow –
forever’s promissory note
before the debt of everyday.

Let’s go back
and lie beside the stream again,
listen for the water voices,
feel the wind’s breath

before we disappear.

– Sarah Russell
First published in The Houseboat
Photo Source
For Poets United

43 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. What can I say Sarah, this is exquisitely superb, and I loved every line, especially, “The wind feathery on urgent skin”, the imagery took my breathe away.


  2. Do we live only in those fleeting first moments of love? Every Avalon is springtime and apples and Ariel’s tenor lighter than wind. How dappled, how fine, how water this memory. Yes.


  3. …”rush to together and tomorrow, forever’s promissory note”… so beautifully descriptive, and portray such a magical moment caught in time.


  4. Tis the nature of a long term relationship. If you even remember the initial moments that is good. If you have a long term relationship ,that is miraculous in itself ,considering the times we live in.Obviously I am a person who has few expectations:)


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