50 thoughts on “Spider

      1. I knew of Spider Woman but not all those details of her story. Thank you! Fascinating. (But a serious mistake on her part, I think, to give religion into the keeping of men.)

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    1. Thanks, Frank. It doesn’t meet all the standards for traditional haiku, and I didn’t write it with that intent, but I guess it does fit, doesn’t it. It was published by Three Line Poems, and they don’t specify haiku, but it’s a great venue for short poems.


      1. It’s really not a haiku and in various ways doesn’t “fit”, yet it does in some other ways have a haiku-like feeling. Above all, it is a most exquisite poem!

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  1. I love this and plan to share it. I love compression, and your three lines capture everything that needs to be said in a novel way. Now I want to go back to the Egyptian exhibit at my art museum. Alarie


  2. What I meant to comment got said in comments on others’ comments instead. It inly remains to thank you for pointing us to the Three Line Poetry site. I love short forms and will def check them out.


    1. I imagine that the spider didn’t want to eat spoiled meat, so something is preserving them. Yes, I find spiders fascinating — when they’re not in the bathtub. I’m naked in there! I just started following your blog. Will look forward to your posts.

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      1. thank you for the follow Sarah, this time round the prompts at dverse have brought such interesting posts and people. I am enjoying the new introductions. lovely to meet you here, I will be reading your posts in the coming week too. oh those spiders are very sneaky! they do like cool places and yes we find them in the shower a lot!

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