Yesterday’s south wind rushed warmth
to February snow. Today the earth
is boggy with new grass, tattered white
in crannies on north sides of things.
Daffodils finger their way toward light,
and old women’s feet no longer tremble
on their way to market.


Sarah Russell
First published in Your Daily Poem
Painting by James Coates
For Real Toads TuesdayPlatform


26 thoughts on “Cusp

    1. Thank you, Kim. Learned an interesting lesson with those lines. At first I started naming the “things.” Then took out those nouns and used the general term because the others cemented that concept too directly. Usually it’s the other way around. Can’t do it too often, but it worked here, I think. (At least for the 2 of us!)

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  1. I love those days when you feel like you are standing with one leg in winter and the other in spring. You captured that magical feeling of in-betweeness and sprinkled in the right amount of joy.

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