Today & Other Seasons

My second poetry book has been published by Kelsay Books. Here’s what reviewers say.

Today and Other Seasons moves through landscape and memory. With a startling economy of language, Sarah Russell writes of coyotes ‘silent as smoke’ and an Amish market’s ‘chubby garlic bulbs, currants round as BBs, bunioned ginger toes.’ Sarah writes not only with stillness and precision, but with understated humor describing an old wringer washer as a ‘dowager on a dance floor’ and the courtship of finches as ‘a warbled discussion of real estate and love.’ There is so much to savor in this fine small collection.” — Sarah Carleton

“In her second collection, Sarah Russell embraces the fleeting, fluid rhythms of time. Her lyrical, quiet attentiveness to the natural world often evokes Mary Oliver. We encounter ‘an abacus of starlings,’ and the smell of ’dust and rain like a lover’s musk.’ Her pleasure at the daily routines and people who mark our lives recall the poems of Ted Kooser. She pays affectionate tribute to the uncle who taught her cribbage, and to a Montana rancher feeding cattle, his ’pitch fork separating clouds of gold, strewing it like a Silver Wolf high roller.’ Throughout, Russell’s images surprise and resonate — a hawk in winter, ’not wishing for tomorrow or warmth or spring — alive only in what is.’ Yes. — Mary Rohrer-Dann

15 thoughts on “Today & Other Seasons

  1. Congratulations Sarah!👏 The excerpts quoted in the reviews sound wonderful. I look forward to reading them in their full splendor! Evoking Mary Oliver, no less ~ bravo! 🥰♥️ Kati

    Sent from my spaceship



    1. Thanks, Kati. It came out right at the beginning of Covid, and I haven’t been able to properly market it until now. No readings, nothing. Didn’t want it to come out in a vacuum!


  2. Sarah, this is an incredibly lovely review and I can’t wait to read it. so this is what you’ve been busy doing and keeping tucked away –


  3. That makes it even more beautiful. I see that it is a language of South Africa and Botswana. What a perfect way to remind you of your home. Are you here in the States or in Africa? Sorry, I may be asking too many questions.


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