Artist’s Award in Rattle

Thrilled to win the artist’s award in the Rattle Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, working from the gorgeous photograph by M-A Murphy.

June 24, 2022

We stood hesitant that day, feet anchored 
on the splintered pier, sun blistering, glacial 
lake gasping cold. It was the year Julie and I
grew boobs, started cramping, felt stirrings
we didn’t talk about, even to each other.
C’mon in, the boys called, but we hung back,
more aware of our bodies than ever before,
the fathoms-deep water, the reach
of mountains and sky⸺the precipice 
of everything.

20 thoughts on “Artist’s Award in Rattle

    1. Thanks so much, Rajani. Yes, several things going on in this one. Several days after I wrote it I still didn’t have a title. Then the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24th, and for me, the poem had even greater significance.

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  1. Beautiful poem, Sarah! It resonates so deeply for all women, capturing a rite of passage so perfectly. Award well deserved!👏


    1. Thanks, Kati. I didn’t know it would hit such a universal chord, but I’m so glad it did. If we couldn’t remember an exact time and place, we still can remember the feelings.


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